Download step by step instruction here

Step 1. Prepare to use AkornDirect.com CSOS

Before using the system, you will need the following:

  • CSOS Certificate* — To apply for a CSOS Certificate, visit the DEA E-commerce website http://www.deaecom.gov/applycert.html and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Akorn Direct Customer Account — An account can be obtained or verified by contacting


Step 2. Submit your Controlled Substance Online Order

Once you meet the requirements above, you are ready to place your order online with the AkornDirect.com CSOS ordering system.


PLEASE NOTE: When ordering Nembutal® Sodium Solution (pentobarbital sodium injection, USP), Nembutal® must be the ONLYproduct in your cart.
DO NOT combine other products with this order.


Step 3. Follow the Step-by-Step Online Instructions

 The AkornDirect.com CSOS system will step you through the following screens to complete your order:

  • Checkout Process—Enter contact information, special delivery instructions, and a unique 6-digit identification number
  • Confirmation Process—Review your DEA e222 Form and upload your DEA CSOS electronic certificate
  • Approval Process—Wait for DEA e222 verification

For detailed ordering instructions, system requirements and to learn how to use Akorn CSOS, visit akorndirect.com/csos-setup.php


* A CSOS Certificate is a digital identity issued by the DEA’s CSOS Certification Authority that allows for electronic ordering of controlled substances.