NEMBUTAL® Sodium Solution (pentobarbital sodium injection) is a sterile solution for intravenous or intramuscular injection. NEMBUTAL® Sodium is a short-acting barbiturate, chemically designated as sodium 5-ethyl-5-(1- methyl butyl) barbiturate. Each mL contains pentobarbital sodium 50 mg, in a vehicle of propylene glycol, 40%, alcohol, 10% and water for injection, to volume.  There are many good reasons to consider Nembutal when choosing an agent for sedation:


Nembutal® is Fast and Potent for Sedation

  • Delivers rapid onset of action almost immediately1
  • Safe and effective, as a sedative, for patients undergoing CT or MRI procedures.5, 6

Nembutal® is Effective for Seizures

  • A recommended agent as cited in the 2012 “Guidelines for the Evaluation and Management of Status Epilepticus” from the Neurocritical Care Society4
  • Appropriate for seizure control in the pediatric, adult, and geriatric populations.1, 2, 3

Nembutal® is an Alternative When Other Sedatives are not Feasible

  • When oral sedation is not feasible1
  • Preservative free and can be used for patients with soy or egg allergies1
  • Does not present a risk of metabolic infusion syndrome1
  • Latex free vial stopper.